Our Services

We are providing aerial photography, film-making and post-processing of the captured data using an unmanned aircraft (drone). Our clients include individuals, companies as well as municipalities.

Should you need to get a sight from above, do not hesitate to contact us. Our core values are responsibility, professionalism and customers´ satisfaction.

We are Available from Summer 2016


Industrial zones
Transmission towers
Solar power stations
Roads and railways
Forests and agriculture

Project Documentation

Project monitoring
Area and volume measurements
3D models
Special maps

Company Promotion

Hotels and guest houses
Camp sites
Car showrooms
Industrial sites
Real estates

Experience from a new perspective

Social events

How we work



Every flight is rigorously planned. This way we spare time and money of our customers and at the same time ensure maximal safety. If deemed necessary, we will secure the relevant permissions to perform the flight (e.g. from the Czech Aviation Authority.)


We will accommodate your requirements. The only limitations are weather and safety of the flight.


We post-process the captured pics and videos as per the customer´s requirements. The deliverable could be a YouTube video from your wedding, 3D model of a project or a framed photography.


We will hand over the deliverable of the project on a customer-selected media such as flash disk, online access or printed photography.

Our Craft

We fly the newest model from DJI – the Phantom 4 equipped with 12Mbpx/4k camera and endurance of up to 28 minutes. The picture is perfectly stabilised and thanks to an advance post-processing software DroneDeploy we are able to deliver even the most technically challenging missions.


Although every project is different we have published typical prices (including post-processing) for the most frequent tasks.

Flight hour / other work: 1.500,- Kč / 1.000,- Kč

Private event (wedding etc.): 4.000,- Kč

Company promotion (guest house, real estate etc.) 4.000 – 8.000,- Kč

Inspections and project monitoring – individually as per the flight time.

We provide discounts and deals for repeat customers.


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