One of the technologies currently demonstrating very rapid growth are the UAVs better known as drones. From specialised military aircraft they have quickly evolved into very capable (some might even say too capable) mass production goods. The investments into the drones-related industry have been growing nearly exponentially over the last couple of years.

And what is the reason? Every new gadget attracts attention but in case of the drones it is probably their outstanding value for money that drives the interest. The aerial photography (and most of other works) is incomparably cheaper with the drone than with a helicopter or fixed wing manned aircraft.

New ways how to utilise the drones are emerging nearly every week. Analysing crop health, law enforcement agencies recording offences, delivering goods or cleaning solar power plants with a flying brush – this is just a sample of jobs that drones perform.

A bit like with mobile phones 15 years ago, this is the dawn of the drones and we are excited to be part of it.